Is Bankruptcy The Debt Relief You Need?


Are you overwhelmed by an out-of-control situation such as a recent job loss, loss of a loved one or a serious illness? Many life circumstances can keep you from paying debt you have incurred. There is no shame in admitting that your debt has become unmanageable. Explore your options for debt relief through bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which can potentially wipe out most or all consumer debt such as credit card debt, medical bills and installment loans
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for individuals, businesses and corporations, allowing an entity to stay in business while addressing burdensome debts
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy, designed to offer farmers and fishermen and their families the chance for a fresh start
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, a debt reorganization plan that allows debtors to repay most or all debts within three to five years

Take The Stress And Anxiety Out Of Everyday Life | Stop Creditor Harassment

Are you receiving harassing phone calls from debt collectors? Have creditors been threatening you with repossession, wage garnishment and even lawsuits?

Bankruptcy provides many overwhelmed debtors a way to end the grief and stress. Filing bankruptcy can stop:

  • Harassing phone calls
  • Repossession
  • Wage garnishment
  • Lawsuits

Talk to a bankruptcy attorney to learn about the automatic stay, a legal protection for bankruptcy filers. Even before you file bankruptcy, if you have retained an attorney and debtors continue to harass you, you can refer them to the law firm representing you. Relief from overzealous debt collection can begin right away once you have The Law Offices of Jonathan Stone on your side. I am lawyer Jonathan Stone and I look forward to answering your bankruptcy questions. I can tell you about strategies for getting out from under the crushing burden of excessive debt.

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