You May Qualify For A Debt-Free Fresh Start


Commonly referred to as a "liquidation," Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not strip you of all your possessions. Most clients are able to keep most or all personal property, including the family home, vehicles and other valuables. Under Chapter 7, the bankruptcy court may discharge a large portion or the entire amount of a person's debts.

If you have been under severe financial stress due to causes that are beyond your control, give us a call as soon as possible. Chapter 7 may be the right debt relief option for your circumstances.

Start The Next, Exciting Chapter In Your Life

Designed to give individuals a fresh financial start, a discharge of debt is usually granted, though not always. Certain criteria must be met to show that an individual has made an honest accounting of debt, income, property and financial needs.

To begin the Chapter 7 process, a client must provide the following information:

  • A detailed list of creditors owed and the nature of their claims
  • The source, the total amount and the frequency of income
  • An entire, detailed list of property
  • A list of monthly expenses — shelter, clothing, food and other necessities

Debt Relief Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Is Within Your Reach

The Chapter 7 filing fee is $335. Call 800-491-5622 or email The Law Offices of Jonathan Stone in Hackettstown, New Jersey, today to discuss what a Chapter 7 or any type of bankruptcy might cost, including attorneys' fees, and how many clients find a way to pay the costs. We return all calls promptly.