When Creditors Will Not Stop Harassing You, You Can Stop Them!

Excessive debt can be an oppressive emotional burden as well as a financial challenge.

It is bad enough to struggle to pay your bills after you have racked up credit card debt, home repair bills, medical bills and installment loans. It is even worse to deal with the stress and pressure of harassment by creditors. They may call you at home and at work. They may try to get your family members to say where you are. They may even send someone to your house or workplace to talk to you.

Aggressive collection tactics do not make it easier for a debtor to pay out-of-control debts. Rather, they create a new layer of problems. The Law Offices of Jonathan Stone in Hackettstown, New Jersey, can help stop harassing phone calls and move toward true debt relief.

How To Detect And Stop Bill Collector Harassment

Fortunately, there are laws designed to protect debtors from creditor harassment. A knowledgeable attorney can explain which laws are relevant in your case.

  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law consisting of rules about when and how creditors can contact you. If a creditor violates these rules, you may be able to file a lawsuit and win compensation. This can take time and is not guaranteed to be successful.
  • The automatic stay is triggered when you file bankruptcy. It is an even more powerful legal tool against creditor harassment than the FDCPA. Filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or any type of bankruptcy makes it illegal for creditors or debt collection agency representatives to attempt to collect debts.

A bankruptcy filing must include a list of all creditors and their contact information. From that point on, all their dealings will be only with the bankruptcy court. Assuming your bankruptcy discharge is successful, you should never be bothered again by harassment from these creditors about these debts.

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