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Closing an estate is not always straightforward. Competing interests often clash during the process of assessing, dividing and distributing the assets of a recently deceased person. Are you a family member, trustee or creditor affected by a contested probate case in New Jersey? The Law Offices of Jonathan Stone in Hackettstown is available to represent you.

Depending on your position with regard to the estate, you may face roadblocks because of one or more factors:

  • Disputes over property, a will or trust between siblings or between second spouses and children from a previous marriage or relationship
  • Petitions from creditors against an estate
  • Complaints against trustees for alleged misappropriation of funds
  • Petitions by beneficiaries regarding interpretation of trust terms
  • Petitions for the return of real property to a trust
  • Allegations of breach of fiduciary duty on the part of an executor or executrix (personal representative) or a trustee
  • Petitions for the removal of trustees over alleged misuse of assets or danger of the loss of assets
  • Petitions to nullify a will or invalidate a trust due to alleged undue influence

Factors in probate litigation may include:

  • Strained family relationships
  • Asset protection goals
  • A desire to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are honored

Putting My Financial Background To Work For You

A skilled trial lawyer can protect your rights as well as the integrity of the estate you are concerned about. I am attorney Jonathan Stone and I am well-equipped for probate litigation. My strong background in accounting and finance as well as legal knowledge are assets for any client involved in a probate dispute. I can cut through complex account records and other aspects of an estate that require clarification for a case to move forward.

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