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Credit card debt and Chapter 7

Many people choose to move forward with a bankruptcy because they are struggling with credit card debt, a problem that has become especially common in the U.S. Not all of the people who take on a significant amount of credit card debt do so out of irresponsibility. In fact, some find themselves in this tricky position because of a health crisis or an injury that left them unable to work, prompting them to turn to their credit card to buy groceries or take care of bills. Worse, interest may have made their debt balloon out of control.

For some people in New Jersey, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a smart way to tackle credit card debt. There are, of course, many different options when it comes to eliminating credit card debt through bankruptcy so it is important to review all of your choices before settling on one particular route. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a great way to discharge credit card debt and find a new financial start. By taking this route, you may be able to completely free yourself from the debt that has been bringing you down for months (or maybe years). However, each case is unique and a creditor may decide to file a complaint.

Whether you are struggling with credit card debt or any other form of debt, it is always a good idea to review your options carefully prior to making any decisions. This area of law can be confusing and many people are unsure of which option makes the most sense.

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