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Bad spending habits that can leave you in debt

Poor spending habits can easily lead to debt for many people in New Jersey. Identifying bad habits is the first step to changing your behavior and fixing your finances once and for all. The following are a few examples of spending habits you must change if you want to avoid financial instability.

AARP cautions against letting late fees pile up regarding credit card payments. You can avoid these late fees by implementing automatic payments through your bank, for both credit cards as well as other recurring bills. That way you won’t need to worry about remembering to make payments each month, which can be difficult when you have numerous bills to pay. 

You can also make changes to the type of products you buy when grocery shopping. While name brand products may seem like the more dependable option, they are generally no more or less effective than generic brands, which are much less expensive. If you’re not convinced start by replacing a few of the products you use every day with generic brands and see if you notice a difference. In some cases, people using generic brands save 20 percent or more on their purchases.

Speaking of credit, it should be used conscientiously according to The Balance. For instance, things like clothing, fuel for your vehicle, and groceries should not be bought using credit. Unless you plan on paying off the credit card balance in full each month, you’ll end up paying more for your purchases due to interest. Instead, using cash or even a debit card to pay for common purchases whenever you can.

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