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How can I stop creditor harassment?

| Jul 21, 2019 | Chapter 7 |

Creditor harassment is hard to deal with when faced with massive debt. Some practices are not actually lawful, which many consumers don’t know when they’re actively being pursued for money that remains unpaid. The Balance recommends taking the following steps if you’re currently experiencing creditor harassment. 

Creditors use multiple methods of communication when reaching out to people. For instance, you may be contacted via phone, email, postal mail, or even text. No matter how you’re contacted, be sure to keep accurate records about the items you’re sent. When it comes to phone calls, jot down the time when the call took place, the name of the caller, and the subject of the conversation. This information will be exceedingly helpful if you do file a claim for creditor harassment. It will also help you determine whether any wrongdoing has occurred. 

Also, make sure you request information about your debt. You’re entitled to the amount you owe, who you owe money to, how long you have to dispute the claim, and many other pieces of pertinent information. You’re also entitled to ask for verification of debt, which should be provided in writing. Until you receive this verification, creditors are not permitted to contact you. 

Many people that work on behalf of collection agencies receive a commission. This means that the more successful calls they make, the more money they earn. As a result, some callers can be aggressive when reaching out to people in debt. While this can be demoralizing, never stoop to this level, no matter how angry you get. Respond respectfully at all times, even if the caller is behaving badly. Inform the person of your rights as a consumer and end the call if the abuse continues.