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Dealing with debt collectors' harassment

People in New Jersey dealing with overwhelming debt may find that the experience is even more stressful due to constant calls from debt collectors. Whether people have medical bills, overdue credit card debt or an unpaid car loan, collection agencies may call frequently demanding payment. People struggling with debt do have rights under the law, and debt collectors are required under the law to follow certain rules. They may not call debtors before 8 a.m. or later than 9 p.m. In addition, if a person makes a written request to stop the phone calls, the collection agency is required to do so.

This may not end all communication about the debt, as a collection agency may send written information that they are filing a lawsuit, but it can stop the phone calls. When people hire a lawyer to deal with their debt, they can also tell debt collectors to send all correspondence to their attorney. Debt collectors can call the debtor themselves, but they may not discuss that person's financial details or disclose the debt to family members, employers or other people who may answer the phone. While collection agencies may call others looking for the person in debt, they cannot say that the debt is the reason that they are doing so.

Debt collectors are also forbidden from making threats against people for not paying their debts, swearing at debtors or claiming that they can have them arrested if they do not pay up. They also are required to correctly report the person's debt during the collection process.

People dealing with debt collectors may be unable to pay their bills, especially after significant changes in their lives. A bankruptcy law attorney might help people to seek debt relief and a new financial future by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy.

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