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Chain pub shutters New Jersey location in Chapter 11 filing

When businesses are struggling, there can be limited options to get on stronger financial ground. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often viewed as a last resort, but it can help to save the business. A restaurant chain recently closed one of its few remaining spots in New Jersey as part of a Chapter 11 filing.

Bankruptcy and other hardships in life

For some people, the decision to file for bankruptcy (as well as the entire process) may be somewhat straightforward and free of concern. Others may have a very hard time due to bankruptcy, whether they are facing uncertainty over their decision to file a bankruptcy petition or they face various difficulties in the midst of a bankruptcy case. Moreover, some of these challenges can be especially difficult for those who are going through different hardships in life, such as a divorce, the loss of a loved one or serious issues involving children and other family members.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be part of drug company settlement

Over many years, drug company Purdue Pharma made billions of dollars manufacturing, marketing and selling opioid narcotics like OxyContin across the United States, including New Jersey. However, with 400,000 people in the United States having lost their lives due to opioid overdose since the year 2000, drug manufacturers are starting to experience pressure from the public in the form of lawsuits and sometimes criminal investigations.

What financial issues to business owners face?

Running your own business is extremely fulfilling, but it's not without its challenges. In fact, many small business owners face a myriad of financial issues. If these issues aren't adequately addressed, they may lead to increased debt and instability down the line. To ensure you have the knowledge you need to handle the financial aspects of your business, The Motley Fool offers the following advice. 

The emotional benefits of Chapter 11

Those who successfully complete the Chapter 11 process may experience a number of financial benefits, getting rid of their debt and welcoming new opportunities. However, the emotional advantages of Chapter 11 should not be overlooked either. People who are buried in debt may be facing incredibly difficult emotional challenges due to their circumstances, including depression, unbearable anxiety and so on. Moreover, these emotions can get in the way of their sleep and disrupt other facets of their lives (such as their job performance and relationships). By getting rid of debt through Chapter 11, some people are able to leave these emotional hurdles behind.

Understanding the role of a creditors committee

For businesses in Hackettstown who are experiencing financial difficulties, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers the chance to halt the collection activities that have been driving it deeper into debt and formulate a strategy that will allow it to remain open. When discussing Chapter 11 cases, much attention is paid to the debtor in possession and the court-appointed trustee (if there is one). Yet while everyone assumes that their presence is recognized in a bankruptcy case, few details are often given about the creditors involved. Who looks out for their interests? 

Losing lawsuit forces telecommunications company into bankruptcy

A common misconception about many in Hackettstown may be that the struggles that force people into bankruptcy can be easily avoided through proper resource management. If that is what most believe about individuals, then imagine how much more mismanagement is attributed to businesses that are forced to seek bankruptcy protection. The truth is that many of the issues that result in people and companies considering bankruptcy are unforeseen, and the decision to take such action is only motivated by avoiding further financial difficulties (as opposed to simply getting off the hook for having to pay back their debts). 

Diocese paying $20M to abuse victims as part of bankruptcy

For a company that is struggling with debt, bankruptcy may be a viable option in helping it get past such challenges and re-establishing itself in Hackettstown. Yet the fact that some companies are able to file bankruptcy and still remain in operation may cause some to wonder whether said businesses are simply taking advantage of bankruptcy laws to get out from under their debts. What those who think this may not know is that the rules governing a Chapter 11 (which allows businesses to reorganize themselves at the approval of their creditors) are very strict in how a business' debts are discharged, even going so far as to mandate many still be paid. 

What happens to a company after filing?

If you’re a small business owner in New Jersey, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a daunting prospect. Because Chapter 11 allows for a reorganization of debt it doesn’t necessarily mean that your business is lost forever. The Balance offers the following explanation so you can understand your options when it comes to getting your business finances in order.

Should I file for chapter 11 bankruptcy?

While Chapter 11 bankruptcies are normally utilized by businesses, individuals can also pursue this option. Doing so takes a bit of work however, as Chapter 11 can be more complicated than Chapter 7 or 13, which most people go for when filing for bankruptcy. explains what you need to know if you choose this debt relief option and how you can ensure the best possible results.


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